Refugees Welcome


What’s going on?

The Executive Order that temporarily banned refugee arrivals to the US is being partially reinstated as the results of a June 26 ruling by the Supreme Court. Travelers from six Muslim majority countries and all refugees without bonafide ties to the US are not permitted to enter the country. This decision dramatically reduces the number of refugees able to find safety in the United States this year. Our hearts go out to the refugee families, now barred from admission to the U.S. even temporarily. This could well be a death sentence, especially for some with serious medical conditions.

How does this impact Kansas City?

 The court has agreed to decide the legality of the ban in October. In the meantime, we await direction from the U.S. State Department regarding which refugees from where will still be admitted – and when. JVS will continue to offer our assistance to those permitted to come. We continue to provide employment, mental health and other vital services to refugees already living in Kansas City. These individuals need your help to feel welcome while they wait for loved ones to join them. Our friends and neighbors, colleagues and classmates are feeling scared and alone. Please reach out and comfort them as the opportunity arises. They would greatly appreciate a smile or welcoming gesture. America has a long history as a nation of immigrants, especially as a safe haven for those fleeing persecution. 

How Can I Help?

DONATE NOW. Your donation allows JVS to continue providing life changing services to the 10,000 plus refugees who currently call Kansas City their home. These services include: enrollment in school, access to health care, mental health counseling and workplace readiness training.

Maintaining JVS as a safe and supportive place is more critical than ever. Please help us to keep JVS strong for the refugees and immigrants we are so privileged to serve.

VOLUNTEER. Refugees need our support. Volunteering helps refugees feel welcome in Kansas City and meet their basic needs. We need you to help refugees find jobs, get to doctor appointments, grow healthy food and furnish their homes with basic necessities.

SHOP. You can help support for a newly arrived refugee family obtain school uniforms, household items and other necessities by visiting our Target Wish List. 

ADVOCATE. We need you to raise your voice in support of refugees.

  • Send a letter to your member of Congress
  • Call the Capitol Switchboard to tell your Member to stop the Travel Ban: 202.224.3121
  • Visit your member of Congress, tell them you support refugees
  • Send a message to the White House