Refugee Medical Coordinator

Reports to:  Social Work Program ManagerStatus:   Salary Non-Exemp /FT
Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in social work, health education, or social sciences required. Master’s degree preferred. Academic or work-related training in cultural competency required. Minimum combined 2 years working in Case Management with immigrant populations and/or low-income populations required. Previous experience working with refugees strongly desired. CPR and First Aid Certified.

Position requires use of personal vehicle with mileage reimbursement. Valid driver’s license, insurance, and clean driving record required. Use of cell phone is also required with partial reimbursement by agency.

Refugee Medical Coordinator (RMC) serves in coordination with other social work and resettlement staff to deliver culturally appropriate services for refugee clients with a goal of self-sufficiency.  RMC must be willing and able to contribute to a team approach to resettlement and adapt to frequent population, policy, and procedure changes.

The Refugee Medical Coordinator (RMC) assists newly-arrived refugees to coordinate medical screenings, identify emergent medical needs for newly arriving refugee clients, provide intensive medical case management and coordinate health education classes.

RMC serves a critical role in early assessment of medical needs and creating case plans in conjunction with Team Leaders to ensure that clients learn how to manage their medical treatment independently.  Coordination with Team Leader is necessary to utilize appropriate interpreters for case plan creation as well as other medical consultations. Central to seeking and establishing new partnerships with key treatment facilities that are able to accessible to refugee clientele and maintaining excellent relations with current partners. Must be available for occasional educational presentations to collaborating partners, and will coordinate with partners to create culturally appropriate medical education classes for clientele. Must manage a small budget for emergency services and durable medical equipment purchases for clientele and will be responsible for entering client data in JVS client database.

Key Responsibilities 

  • Schedule, coordinate, and track all newly arrived clients to ensure they are registered and attend medical screenings
  • Serve as a primary liaison to Samuel Rodgers Medical Center for all refugee medical screenings and attend medical screenings to facilitate process.
    Coordinate appropriate interpreters for client registrations, bus trainings, and any medical management meetings with clientele.
  • Provide regular reports to Samuel Rodgers about incoming populations and flow of clientele. As needed, provide educational materials and/or meet with key staff to provide information on populations.
  • Seek and develop relationships with other medical collaborators.
  • Prepare for incoming clients with flagged medical conditions. Alert medical personnel as necessary for severe conditions. With Director, coordinate acceptance or rejection of Class A medical assurances from USCRI.
  • As severe medical conditions are identified in clientele, ensure that an appropriate case plan is created, documented, and executed in collaboration with Team Leader. The ultimate goal for case plans is independent management of any conditions by clientele and other outside agencies/resources as necessary.
  • Manage medical emergencies for newly arrived clients by providing information to appropriate hospitals to facilitate treatment. On rare occasions, evenings and/or weekend consultation may be necessary depending on severity of conditions.
  • Appropriately refer clients to public services and other agencies as necessary.
  • Collaborate with internal and external partners to provide at least 4 health education trainings each year.
  • Collaborate and communicate with internal partners to provide holistic services to clientele.
  • Collaborate with employment team to ensure that client is working towards employment goals as allowable by any limiting medical conditions.
  • Document all services provided for R&P, MG, and RSS in addition to grants directly funding this position.
  • As required by grants, track information, outcomes, and manage budget for emergency services for clients. Provide timely reports for grants.
  • Other duties as assigned

Skills needed

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to develop positive working relationships with both internal and external collaborators.
  • Highly organized and able to effectively prioritize, delegate, and execute multiple tasks.
  • Good computer skills; Ability to complete documentation in online client database
  • Knowledge of case management methods and procedures such as confidentiality mandated reporting, and empowerment.
  • Culturally competent and able to work with a wide variety of nationalities and backgrounds.
  • Ability to write thorough and effective grant proposals and reports for position funding.
  • Comfortable creating and delivering educational presentation to medical staff and other outside collaborators.