Our Staff

Main phone number: 816-471-2808














Vernetta Adair, ext. 8895, Human Resources & Administration Specialist

Tara Burkhart, ext. 8911, Assistant Executive Director

Nancy Gulotta, ext. 8909, Accounting Personnel

Malinda Kimmel, ext. 8935 Development Director

Paul King, ext 8900 Front Desk Receptionist

Martin Okpareke, ext. 8902, Outreach Manager

Randy Rodriguez, ext. 8894, Finance Manager

Hilary Cohen Singer, ext. 8934, Executive Director

Brian Warman, ext 8951, Volunteer Coordinator 


Immigration Services

Naudy Solano, ext. 8923, Manager, Immigration Services

Wakari Guillen Villarreal, ext. 8896, Immigration Counselor


Language and Cultural Services

Catherine Anderson, ext. 8908, Manager, Language & Cultural Services

Maria Rodriguez, ext. 8933, Language & Cultural Services Coordinator


Refugee Services

Heba Ahmed, 816-490-0774, CHOICE Neighborhoods Case Manager

Yelena Akhmedova, ext. 8890, Refugee Social Services Case Manager

Molly Baurain, ext. 8893, Global Gardens Coordinator

Harsamit Bi, ext. 8932, Refugee Case Specialist

Sarah Cirese-Payton, ext. 8937, LMSW, Manager, Social Work 

Melissa DeVault, ext. 8903, LMSW, Adult Therapist

Simon Eriga, ext. 8947, Warehouse Assistant

Meaghan Fanning, ext. 8917, Lead Social Worker

Faisal Haji, ext. 8931, Refugee Case Specialist

David Holsclaw, ext. 8912, Refugee Employment Specialist

Aimee Hamerle, ext. 8891, Refugee Employment Specialist

Regina Jacob, ext. 8919, Social Worker, Refugee Marriage Strengthening Program Manager

Stephen LeCerf, ext. 8915, Manager, Refugee Employment Services

Morgan Merrell, ext. 8918, Social Worker

Amy Mocker, ext. 8925, Refugee Medical Coordinator

Lina Oleik, ext. 8898, Refugee Case Specialist

Sara Pitia, ext. 8927, Refugee Team Leader

Dany Stephen, ext. 8897, Case Specialist

Nhi Tran, ext. 8941, Social Worker

Steve Weitkamp, ext. 8907, Director, Refugee Resettlement Services

Denis Zijadic, ext. 8926, Manager, Refugee Resettlement 


Rehabilitation Services

Cari Boasberg, 913-730-1449, Manager, Career Skills and Connections

Jamie Winter Dawson , Employment Developer, EDK

Susi Hogsett-Duncan, ext. 8901, Manager, Employment Services

Lindsay Frazier, ext 8913, Employment Specialist 

Hilary Gallion, ext. 8914, Autism Employment Specialist

Rachelle Lackey, (913) 752-9327, Job Development and Employment Specialist, EDK

Caitlin Leavy816-521-5700 x3254, Disability Navigator, Full Employment Council

Peggy Lindsay, ext. 8921, Director, Rehabilitation Services

Michael Long, 816-966-0289, Disability Navigator, Full Employment Council

Diane Schmidt, 913-327-8250 CSC Career Coach

Sabrina Scholz, ext. 8924, Employment Specialist

Dana Schwartz, 913-327-8250, CSC Career Coach

Mary Silwance, Employment Specialist, EDK