Our Mission


JVS engages, encourages and empowers people to achieve social, cultural and economic integration.

The highest degree of charity is to take hold of persons who have been crushed,… to find work for them, and thus put them on their feet that they will not be dependent on others.

— Moses Maimonides



JVS was established in 1949 to assist Holocaust survivors, refugees and those returning from WWII, enabling them to build better lives in the United States. Today, our programs meet the needs of all who face barriers to employment. Whether it is coaching a client on how to request a disability accommodation from their employer or helping a newly-arrived refugee enroll their children in school, JVS works to empower people to address challenges to their self-sufficiency.


Our Services

We assist individuals and families in achieving self-reliance by providing support, personal development, employment and training services. JVS promotes independence by encouraging clients to participate in decisions and activities affecting their lives and JVS eases in the transition to the United States for refugees and their families.


Our Values

JVS believes in adherence to outcomes to meet the needs of individuals to help them achieve self-reliance. We value cultural competence and ethnic diversity and are committed to our mission through our board and volunteers and the development of all of our staff. JVS believes in creating strong collaborations with organizations and funding sources to better serve the needs of Kansas City. And, above all, JVS makes clients, staff and visitors from all walks of life feel welcome.