JVS Career Navigation Program AmeriCorps VISTA

JOB Title-JVS Career Navigation AmeriCorps VISTA

 JVS Focus Area(s) Primary: Capacity Building Secondary: Economic Opportunity VISTA Assignment Objectives and Member Activities Goal of the Project: Expand career opportunities for JVS’s diverse client population. Objective of the Assignment (Period of Performance: By fall 2019) Organize and Facilitate focus groups & surveys with JVS staff and clients to identify most sought-after career fields. Member Activity: Meet with JVS Employment Program Managers to develop and understanding of existing JVS employment services (Week 1). Member Activity: Create a survey for JVS staff to obtain feedback regarding their experience with career navigation and feedback regarding most sought-after career fields of their clients (Week 2). Member Activity: Distribute survey to JVS staff for feedback & review feedback to create questions for client focus groups (Week 4 and 5). Member Activity: Work with JVS staff to organize, at minimum 4, focus groups with JVS clients to obtain feedback on sought-after career fields (Month 2 and 3). Objective of the Assignment (Period of Performance: By fall 2019) Cultivate relationships with community partners to obtain existing career maps, career training & licensing guidelines. Member Activity: Develop a database of community partners who provide maps and guidelines (examples include Community Colleges, Universities and Workforce Development Agencies), and meet with JVS staff to identify existing connections (Week 2). Member Activity: Coordinate with programs in other states which do similar work to learn about their approach and model (Week 3 and 4). Member Activity: Meet with community partners to obtain existing resources (Month 2 and 3). Member Activity: Attend Regional Workforce Intelligence Network of Greater Kansas City Meetings (Ongoing). Member Activity: Attend Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Meetings (Ongoing) Objective of the Assignment (Period of Performance: By fall 2019) Develop, at least 5, career maps. Member Activity: Cultivate Relationships with Schools and licensing board to identify requirements of education (Month 3 and ongoing) Member Activity: Develop Career Maps which include the following content information (Month 4 and ongoing): (1.) How the profession is organized (regulations, employment opportunities and stepping stones). (2.)Eligibility for licensing if applicable (process flow chart, certification requirements and timeline, internship requirements, background requirements, documentation requirements). (3.)Tests (test procedures and basic characteristics; specific test information including a number of questions, time period, how often it’s offered; test components, scoring).(4.) Time and Costs (hypothetical scenarios of obtaining training and/or licensing).(5.) Other careers and credentials that are comparable to this field. (6.) Beyond training and licensing (maintaining licensure, joining a professional association, reciprocity).(7.) Important Links (training/licensing and regulation, credentialing organizations, testing).(8.)Tips