Global Gardens Internship

Global Gardens Internship

JVS Global Gardens is a refugee-led community garden program, where we develop garden spaces from vacant lots in the Historic Northeast and empower refugees to grow food, beauty, and connections. The Global Gardens Program offers an innovative approach to provide culturally competent and trauma informed care for newcomers through access to gardens which promotes self-sufficiency skills, involves them with their surrounding neighbors, as well as contributes to the economic sustainability of the wider neighborhood. We engage with refugees who want to grow food and empower them to do so by providing gardening space, tools, and education about US horticulture methods appropriate to the climate and soil. As the primary resettlement agency for Kansas City, Missouri since 2004, refugees are familiar with the agency and the services offered. Through yearly satisfaction surveys, Kansas City refugees have voiced their trust of JVS staff and the services they have received. As a result, JVS has a unique opportunity to provide a space for the refugee community to carry out their values of resourcefulness and self-sufficiency by growing their own food and re-connecting with their agriculture roots.


Global Gardens Program provides monthly trainings during the growing season on horticulture topics, monthly field walks through the gardens, seeds/plants and equipment, and offers tours to other community gardens and farms during the growing season for education and community outreach.


Key Responsibilities:


Global Gardens Program Intern: Weekly upkeep of garden sites which includes watering, weeding, tilling, mowing, and other garden maintenance. Assistance with data entry, monthly workshops, organizing garden tours, field day preparation, and farmers market set up and tear down.


Other duties as assigned




18 years of age with gardening, horticulture, farming, or landscaping experience in an urban environment is preferred but not required. Have a willingness to work with a variety of cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds.