Director of Workforce Development

Director of Workforce Development 

OVERVIEW AND PURPOSE                                                                 

Responsible for day to day operations of all Workforce Development programs.  Directly or indirectly supervises all employees within the department. Networking with community employers to develop relationships that will enhance job placement services. Knowledge of current trends and best practices in the field of employment services.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES/DUTIES                                                                    

External Relations

  • Cultivate and maintain business and community relationships; develop business advisory board to ensure alignment of JVS programs to workforce and consumer needs; develop and distribute information about JVS services for businesses.
  • Represent JVS on local and state committees and task forces regarding workforce training/economic development/financial literacy/career pathways, including the local workforce investment board.
  • Monitor and act on the changing nature of workforce and economic conditions, labor markets, and education and training trends; provide regular reports for board and staff.
  • Serve as an enthusiastic, well-informed spokesperson to raise awareness, understanding, and support for JVS programs.

Consumer Service

  • Create, refine and implement program plans for JVS in all areas of workforce development, work with managers to improve key processes and meet the needs of both consumers and businesses.
  • Promote practices and policies that support the full inclusion of all people in the workforce and in the community.
  • Create and provide training to staff, board members, and volunteers.
  • Foster a department and agency culture that results in exceptional service to consumers, a quality work environment for staff, and effective cooperation and communication.


  • Identify funding and grant opportunities; write proposals and reports
  • Set performance goals and conduct analytical reporting to measure progress
  • Develop and implement departmental budget’ track performance on a monthly basis; work with executive director to make operational changes where appropriate to improve or sustain financial performance
  • Implement policies, procedures, and timelines to ensure compliance with all CARF standards and funding source requirements.




Requires an advanced degree in Psychology, Vocational Rehabilitation, Social Services, Business Administration, Public Administration or related field with 5 years related experience in working with people with employment barriers. (May substitute Master’s degree with five years of work experience that can be demonstrated to be applicable to the duties listed in the job description.)

If interested, please contact Peggy Lindsay