To contact any of our staff by email:

Joy Foster  Executive Director 
Hilary Cohen Singer  Associate Director
Vernetta Adair  Administration Specialist
Jennifer Conoley  Marketing and Development Specialist 
Zoraida Golding  Receptionist
Martha Huddleston  Bookkeeper/Office Manager
Randy Rodriguez  Financial Manager
Tresa Grigsby Accounting Assistant
Rehabilitation Services
Peggy Lindsay  Director of Rehabilitation
Anna Rundle  DHHS Employment Specialist 
Rick Quintero Bi Lingual (Spanish) Employment Specialist
Diana Eakright  Manager of Employment Services 
Ruth Powell  East JVS Office Assistant
Rosemary Brennan  Employment Specialist
Pam Hargrave Employment Specialist
Blaise Wallack Employment Specialist
Laurie Licata Employment Specialist
Suzi Hogsett-Duncan Employment Specialist 
Cheryl Sherman  Employment Specialist
Michael Long Disability Navigator
Jessica Shea Disability Navigator

Semsudin Skender  Maintenance Technician
Jewish Employment Services
Gayl Reinsch Program Director, Jewish Employment Services
Cari Boasberg Career Counselor, Jewish Employment Services
Joan Kopelson Career Counselor, Jewish Employment Services

Immigration Counseling Services
Mariana Omazic  Manager of Immigration Counseling Services, BIA 
Wakari Villareal  Immigration Services
Gladys Mata  Immigration Counselor
Language and Cultural Services
Cathy Anderson  Manager, Language & Cultural Services 
Katie Wehner Interpreter Services Coordinator 

Refugee Services
Steve Weitkamp  Director of Refugee and Immigration Services
Abdulkadir Abdullahi Refugee Case Specialist

Mohammed Alwaely Refugee Case Specialist
David Aylward Housing Coordinator
Harsamit Bi Refugee Case Specialist
Stephen LeCerf Manger of Refugee Employment and Training
Claire Jordan   Refugee Employment Specialist
Latch Gudjenov   Refugee Employment Specialist
Amy Mocker  Refugee Medical Coordinator
Christina Field Refugee Orientation Specialist
Martin Okpareke  Volunteer and Community Outreach Manager 
Sara Pitia  Refugee Team Leader
Abdi Sheikh Driver
Rus Skender Refugee Housing Assistant
Galen Turner Refugee Team Leader
Denis Zijadic   Match Grant/R&P Coordinator & IT Specialist 

Social Work Department
Tara Atkinson  Social Work Manager (SIP)
Brenna Sandefur Social Worker/Therapist
Amanda Textor  Social Worker

Social Services
Yelena Akhmedova Refugee Social Services Case Manager
Molly Keenan Healthy Connections Coordinator
Marie Maloney Healthy Connections Coordinator