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Jewish Vocational Service (JVS) was established in 1949 to assist Holocaust survivors, refugees, and displaced persons build new lives in this country.  By focusing on their vocational and educational needs, JVS played a major role in the successful integration of hundreds of immigrants into the Kansas City community.  In addition, JVS developed services to meet the vocational rehabilitation needs of returning World War II veterans, a significant number of whom were disabled.  Dedicated to assisting a global, war-weary community, JVS staff and volunteers realized the considerable contribution they could make in helping the disadvantaged from all sectors of the community.

Today, JVS has expanded our services to anyone with a barrier, whether due to physical or developmental disabilities, or acculturation difficulties.  JVS now serves fourteen counties in both Missouri and Kansas.  Because of our broad support base, our agency has positioned itself to be able to work closely with area employers, social service agencies, and health and education facilities in both states.  Serving over 8,000 clients in 2013, JVS engages, encourages and empowers people to achieve social, cultural and economic integration.

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