Global Gardens

The Global Gardens Project is a three year tiered program that works to develop vacant lots into garden spaces for refugees to grow on. Many refugees come from agricultural backgrounds, and when they find themselves living in apartments in the urban core, they long for a little bit of land to grow vegetables that are familiar to them. We are finding suitable lots in refugees’ neighborhoods, transforming them to gardens, and connecting refugees with a garden plot. Educational workshops to train refugee growers about growing in the  U.S., climate, soils, water, organic growing methods, and nutrition are offered. Gardeners are given the chance to sell at the Northeast Community Garden as well as tour other Community Garden spaces to assist as they transition out of the program after year three.  The goals of the Global Gardens Project are to increase access to and consumption of healthy food, improve physical health indicators, improve mental health indicators, and increase social integration of refugees.










For additional information, please contact:

Molly Baurain, Global Gardens Coordinator,  ext. 8893