Disability Navigator

The Disability Navigator will provide specific disability awareness information to workforce staff in the Local Workforce Investment Area’s One-Stop Career Centers in the Kansas City and Vicinity WIR.  The Navigator will also address the needs of individuals with disabilities seeking training and employment opportunities through the One-Stop System.  The Navigator will provide expertise and serve as a resource person to the workforce investment system and individuals with disabilities, including Social Security Disability Insurance (DI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability and blindness beneficiaries.  Navigators will have the expertise regarding the One-Stop partner programs, including Ticket to Work programs and SSA demonstration projects focused on improving employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

In coordination with key Full Employment Council (FEC) staff, provide guidance to FEC workforce investment staff assisting individuals with disabilities seeking employment or career advancement opportunities, skill development and job retention assistance to obtain self-sufficiency.


In coordination with key FEC staff, provide training on assistive technologies and/or obtain guidance from other service providers.


Serve as a resource for all workforce staff within the service area on federal, state, local and private work incentives and employment programs impacting people with disabilities. 


Serve as a resource for workforce staff within the service area on federal regulations. 


Provide an ongoing assessment to be submitted monthly to the FEC regarding Career Center activities, efforts and partnership in ensuring effective and efficient services to people with disabilities.


Work with Equal Employment Opportunity officer(s), the local Workforce Investment Board and the Career Center operator to ensure facilities, programs, services and equipment are accessible to individuals with disabilities, including ensuring the availability of publications and materials in alt


BA in rehabilitation, psychology, social work or other related field, MA preferred.  May substitute high school diploma or GED with five years of work experience that can be demonstrated to be applicable to the duties listed in the job description. 

Experience working with persons with disabilities preferred.  

This is a full-time position

​Please submit your resume and a cover letter to vadair@jvskc.org if you are interested in applying for this position.​